It’s a wrap! Wow! What an amazing week! We have two encredible new certified European Instructor – Guides. Congrets to Vid Persak from Slovenia and RenĂ© Bakker from the Netherlands! They were tested on Guiding, instructing, navigation, emergency scenarios, low and higherspeed skills.

Many things were learned from eachother, our backpacks are filled with more knowledge and skills, every time we come better instructor – guides. Next to the serious part, there was room for the stuff why we ride bikes; uplifts to ride more encredible trails (tnx Anej for your sharing your amazing trails!!), the first European Championships Mountainbike Instructor – Guides (blindfolded biking, theoratical knowledge, coaching and the very famous MCF Bike Challenge). Congrats to Micah from POMBA to be the first European Champion!

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