How to become a member or a partner?

Does your organisation wants to become a member to represents the instructor-guides in your country? Or do you need help in setting up an organisation? Or does your organisation wants to support our mission and be actively involved in our activities?

EO-MTBing works with three types of member-and partnerships;



National Organisations are independent organisations who represent individual instructor-guides from their country and provide training schemes. This is the National Governing body like a Federation or an other sort of entity.

Are you an organisation who represents individual Instructor – Guides and want to become a member? EO-MTBing operates with one National organisation per country, please check first if there is already a National Organisation from your country. If not, please contact us for an appliction form and find out more.

National Organisations (e.g. Cycling Federations or other forms of official entities) are going through several steps from Aspirant to become a Full Member.

Organisations who already providing a mature Instructor-guide training scheme up to the EO-MTBing standard are going through a benchmark procedure before they will be recognized as a Full Member.

Organisations who do not have a training scheme yet, are able to apply for a Train-the-Trainer program. These organisations are provided with a Train-the-Trainer course and supported in setting up their training scheme.

Good to know!
National organisations are actively involved in organizing and assessing the annual Exam and participate in several committies that form the hart of our organisation. Also they accept the fact that EO-MTBing has an “open source” mentality towards its members. Every body will push the pedals!


Business partners:

Our business partners are organisations around Europe whos instructor-guides are certified and support EO-MTBing financially, with internship possiblities, knowledge and in other ways possible.


Supporting partners:

Our supporting partners are organisations who support our mission and recognize the European Mountain Bike Standard. This support is financially and practical. These organisations help us to go forward in developping our profession.

Please contact us for more details on becomming a member or a partner;